There is a wonderful word in Sanskrit, Mudita, meaning the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being. Unfortunately, the English language does not have an equivalent word which I believe, says a lot about our culture. Personally, I derive immense satisfaction from watching other people do well in life, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to coaching.


Born in South Wales, I moved around the UK extensively during my childhood, then travelled globally as an adult before settling here in Cardiff. For a long time, I blamed the constant relocation for me feeling like I didn't fit in. However, this turned out to be one of the many stories I told myself. An unhelpful limiting belief, completely untrue, yet something I let hold me back. Letting go of that belief means these days I find my tribe wherever I am. 

Life doesn’t always run smoothly. Like most, I have experienced adversity in my life, some of it quite extreme. I understand how it feels to struggle, to be in a deep dark place; but I also know how to climb out of it, which I believe adds to my strength as a coach.


Other things you may like to know about me:

  • I love the outdoors and believe strongly in the amazing impact it has on mental health.

  • I am passionate about travelling and experiencing new cultures, life's an adventure.

  • I spent a year living in Australia.

  • I run a self development book club. I have Dyslexia.

  • I spent time in India learning how to breathe properly, and training to become a yoga teacher.

  • I'm not into doing what society says I should.

  • I worked at the UK's number one alternative business school so I'm used to doing things differently.

  • I have my own coach. I pay him more than I “think” I can afford. Our work is effectively changing the course of my life.

  • When I was 10 I took pleasure in gaining my non swimming classmates' trust and teaching them how to swim.

  • I'm an adrenaline junkie. Skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting. You name it, I'll try it. 

  • I won an E4 Reality TV competition hiking naked through the Yorkshire Dales.