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Connect with a group of inspiring people motivated to learn. This book club came about in the first lockdown last year and we are still going! It is a great way to keep up momentum when reading a book and is awesome to have a group of people on the journey with you to discuss ideas and how to implement your new learnings.

Join us weekly on Zoom Monday's at 6.30 pm (UK time) for an hour of discussion. Read an agreed, manageable amount of the book each week and talk over with the group on zoom.


Sign up here.

Currently Reading:

"There's never been a better time to make a few tiny changes that will revolutionise your life.

A revolutionary system to get one per cent better every day.

People think when you want to change your life, you need to think big. But world-renowned habits expert James Clear has discovered another way. He knows that real change comes from the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions – doing two push-ups a day, waking up five minutes early, or holding a single short phone call.

He calls them atomic habits."


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