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Vocalist Coach

The coaching sessions we had together helped me improve my confidence which dramatically had a positive impact on my life.  In the short space of time working together, I now believe that anything I want to achieve is possible and I have buried the limiting beliefs I had about myself. 

I don't know if you realise this Laura but you have transformed my life.


Social Media and Content Manager


Working alongside Laura has been an absolute pleasure. Her advice and caring nature has filled me with the confidence that I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and grow as a person and as a professional.


I started with a passion to succeed but had very little direction and vision of what that success would entail. Having spent the last six weeks with Laura's guidance, I have left having launched my own business with a cohesive brand and vision.


I am so excited for what the next year holds for my business and I have Laura to thank for that! She motivated me every single week to reach my full potential and employed the accountability I needed in my life to make it all happen!

I sought Laura out at a time when I was ready to work on pushing my freelance career forward, and while I was clear that I wanted to do this, I was less clear about exactly how to do it. Right from the very beginning, I felt totally at ease and relaxed; good-humoured and good-natured, Laura is a real pleasure to work with, and on top of this she's knowledgeable about – and, importantly, practised at – productivity and self development techniques.


Working with a woman was important to me, not only because I want to support other women, but also because I wanted to work from a base level of understanding. Laura embodied everything I was looking for in a female coach: encouraging, understanding, driven and cognisant of what it means to participate as a woman in the working world.


Laura used her own experience in business to offer practical suggestions for how to find new clients; charge for work; and create clearer boundaries in my working life to achieve better balance. Working with Laura – and witnessing her own drive and tenacity – made me feel more motivated and capable, which really has been invaluable at this point in my career.


Creative Communications Specialist



It's been an incredible journey. There were several things I was working on and dealing with at the time of starting coaching. Laura has helped me to clarify what needed my focus and has brilliantly guided me to do what needs to be done. I've been putting off facing some of my fears one of which was talking on camera.


During my time with Laura, I faced my fear and recorded then uploaded videos to YouTube. Initially, I was uncomfortable creating the video content but with Laura's guidance, I did it anyway. I felt relieved after recording the first one as I found the process scary, however, It got easier each time and now almost feels natural talking to the camera. I used to feel awkward pausing during a video and like I needed filler words, I would umm and arr and this would put me off posting. Now if I do add an accidental um it doesn’t stop me posting as my need for perfection is gone. Thank you, Laura, for helping me overcome that fear and holding me accountable.


She is directive and compassionate at the same time. She gave me space to talk about the things that bothered me and not feel pressured in any way. Talking with a coach is different from talking with a friend. It's good to gain clarity and set goals for what you want to achieve. She's offering a listening ear and the occasional suggestion as to what might help and does this skillfully.


Are you ready to take the next step like the people above? 

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