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Find your flow in Bali


Learn . Grow . Connect

This 7 night Bali Retreat is for those seeking personal growth, spiritual development, and meaningful connections. If you're an entrepreneur, creative, or simply someone on a journey to find deeper fulfilment and wellness, this experience is tailored for you. Join us in September 2024 to unlock new levels of self-awareness, vitality, and joy in the serene setting of Ubud, Bali.


Community Connection: Engage in meaningful conversations and build lifelong friendships in our vibrant, heart-centered community.

Transformational Workshops: Learn and grow through our expert-led workshops, focusing on personal growth, spirituality, and success.

Wellness and Awareness: Embrace holistic health with activities centred on mindfulness, yoga, and healing practices.

Shared Experiences: Journey together through group travel, social gatherings, and mastermind sessions, all while surrounded by Bali's natural wonder.


Water Temple


Day 1: Arrival and Welcome Ceremony

Day 2: Morning Yoga and Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop


Day 3: Group Excursion and Cultural Experience (Water Temple)


Day 4: Personal Growth Workshop and Group Sharing Session


Day 5: Health and Wellness Activities, including a Spa Day


Day 6: Walk through the Rice fields followed by a dip in the infinity pool over looking Rice Terraces.


Day 7: Final day

Day 8: Closing Circle & Departure.

(more in detail schedule to follow)

Rice Fields

IMG_0882 2.JPG

Locals at the Rice Fields

Personal Development
Beautiful Scenery

The Retreat will be a £1000 investment (Flights not included)

Booking as a couple/ two friends sharing a bed

£850 per person 

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This is an example of what to expect from the accommodation (may differ slightly from pics)

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